We have the experience to find the problem and correct it quickly and cost effectively.

  • Lighting Repairs
  • General Power and equipment power repairs
  • Motor and process controls
  • Circuit tracing
  • Underground wire tracing

Power installations:

A customized plan to meet your needs

  • Service and feeder replacements and upgrades
  • Adding power for new equipment, or relocating power for existing equipment
  • Power and lighting for renovations

Preventive/ Corrective maintenance:

Automate your maintenance.

  • Monthly/ Quarterly/ Annual lighting inspections
  • Parking lot and roadway light testing and repairs
  • Exit and emergency lighting tests


Keep your facility a safe place to work by finding problems before they happen

  • Quarterly/ annual inspections per NFPA 70B recommendations
  • Thermal imaging scans of panels and equipment
  • Visual inspections of panels and equipment

Energy saving solutions:

Use less energy and save money!

  • LED retrofits and fixture replacements
  • ROI analysis for low energy upgrades
  • Energy audits

industrial lighting

Heat inspection method

Thermal imaging inspections can find problems that wouldn't be found any other way.  Usually the cause of the problem is very obvious because the thermal image can pinpoint the source of the heat.  In this case, it was an overloaded circuit.




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